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Who we Are

The Regional Water and Environmental Sanitation, Kumasi (RWESCK) at KNUST is a Centre of Excellence set up to scale up graduate studies and research in water and environmental sanitation.

The specific objectives of the Centre are: to build a state-of-the-art laboratory and lecture facility for post graduate education in water, environment and sanitation, develop new post graduate programmes (MSc/PhDs) in relevant thematic areas, develop and build capacity for research and development at PhD level and build strategic partnerships for outreach through students/faculty exchange, knowledge sharing and dissemination.

The Centre seeks to collaborate with national and regional partners to train the needed man power in the area of water and environmental sanitation to meet developmental challenges confronting the region.


The RWESCK aims to be vibrant with an enhanced visibility and attractiveness and also leverage funds to attain sustainable financing beyond the World Bank funding.


The Regional Centre of Excellence for Water and Environmental Sanitation has a significant role to play in terms of capacity enhancement, research and addressing water and environmental sanitation challenges within the sub-region. Among others, the developmental challenges to be addressed by the Centre include but not limited to:

  1. Inadequate capacity for ensuring that all people have sustainable access to safe and adequate water supply and environmental sanitation. 
  2. Inadequate capacity for water resources management to cope with climate change, water scarcity, food and energy security.