Centre Research Group

The research groups explore system analysis to address risk, resilience, sustainability and reliability of water, environmental and sanitation systems. The groups include:

  • Water Resources Research Group
  • Water supply Research Group
  • Environmental Sanitation Research Group
  • WASH Governance and Policy Research Group

There are thematic groups of faculty staff and thematic areas of research. The theme leaders coordinate research. The research themes include:

  • Water resources research group: Research of the group consists of climate change and integrated water resources management, including transboundary water basins, irrigation development, scientific computing and modelling, irrigation development,
  • Water supply Research group: Research of the group includes water treatment, Water supply service delivery in relation to the sustainable development goals agenda;
  • Environmental sanitation research group: Research of the group include research into environmental protection, environmental health, wastes treatment, composting and nutrient recovery for application in agriculture, Bio-waste-to-energy and compost for peri-urban agriculture and modelling of impact on economic development;

WASH Governance research group: The research includes research into infrastructure development, financing and governance including settlements upgrading, women empowerment and behavioural change communication.