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PhD Programme

PhD Programme Structure: The PhD participants will undertake six months taught courses and two and half years research leading to thesis (36 months). The method of teaching and transfer of information to students will be in the form of lectures, workshop and design exercises, field work and tutorials. The PhD Research Programmes – is a structured programme consisting of six (6) months of taught courses. There are six major modules to be taken during these first six months with each module lasting between three weeks and four weeks. Each module has between two and three courses. 

PhD Programme

RWESCK Research Programmes are designed for applicants from Ghana and all the West African Countries to pursue 3 years full time study in the following specialisation:

PhD in Water Resources Engineering and Management

PhD in Water Supply and Treatment Technologies

  • PhD in Environmental Sanitation and Waste Management

PhD Programme Structure 


Module Name

Course  Name


Applied Statistics and Modeling Tools

Applied Statistics for research

Modeling Tools



Skills Development and Research Methodology

Skills Development and Scientific  communication

Research Methodology



Geo-Spatial Analysis and planning

Geographic Information Systems

Remote Sensing

Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in water resources

Water and Sanitation Policy Analysis and Planning


Environmental Quality and climate systems


Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Environmental Pollution and GHG Emissions Measurements

Environmental and Social  Impact  Assessment (ESIA) & Environmental Risks


Water and Environment Resilient Systems

Resilient Water Systems and  Integrated Water Resources Management & Sustainable Development Goals

Water and Environmental law and Institutions

Water Economics and Financial Appraisals


PhD Thesis

PhD Thesis